There’s a New Comfy Shoe Line at Nordstrom — and Every Pair Is Under $90

  • Eric
  • February 18, 2019
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At Travel + Leisure, our comfy shoe radar is always scanning for new prospects to test. So when we heard about Evolve, which just made its debut at Nordstrom with a capsule of sneakers, pumps, and sandals that are fit for those 20,000-step days on vacation, we had to take a pair for a spin.

Launching as a sister brand to Easy Spirit, which has been outfitting women with comfortable shoes for more than three decades, Evolve’s design ethos is geared toward busy women who just don’t have the time for uncomfortable shoes. You’ll notice the silhouettes are sleeker and more trend-forward — whispering of their integrated comfort technology as opposed to shouting.

And let’s get into that technology a bit. The Evolve rubberized EVA footbed is not only lightweight, well-cushioned, and supportive in all the right places, it’s also engineered to maximize on energy return — quite literally adding more spring to your step. So when your foot strikes the ground, as it will do thousands of times on any given travel day, Evolve’s kicks will rebound beneath your weight, causing less fatigue to the foot. Memory foam also forms to your foot with each wear. So, the more often you wear your pair, the more comfort benefits you’ll get.

Each style is available in half sizes and both medium and wide widths, and all of this comes at a surprisingly affordable price point, too. Pairs currently retail at either $79 or $89. You can scroll to shop some of our favorites from the Spring collection below and see the rest of the line at Nordstrom.