The 6 Fashion Pieces Every ~Cool Kid~ On Instagram Is Wearing In 2019

  • Eric
  • January 25, 2019
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The 6 Fashion Pieces Every ~Cool Kid~ On Instagram Is Wearing In 2019

If you’re like me and absolutely loathe dropping cash on a trend only to find that, a few weeks later, it’s considered ‘old’, this is for you.

Rather than subscribing to the weekly or monthly fashion cycle, I find I can justify forking out my hard-earnt dollarydoos if I know that the piece is going to see me through at least another year.

So, here to inform your new year buying habits, we’ve looked to a handful of Instagram‘s most stylish women for the pieces they can’t stop wearing, which you can form the foundations for your own 2019 capsule wardrobe.

In addition to some new ~lewks~, there are also a few throwback trends making a noteworthy return in 2019.

1. Puffy sleeve blouses

While puffy sleeved blouses experienced a resurgence towards the end of 2018, they’re definitely here to stay in 2019. Whether you prefer bright hues or more neutral, soft tones, the defining trait of this piece is the cinched cuff, offering luxe as heck volume.

2. Fancy hair slides

This trend is one giant throwback to your primary school days, when you absolutely loaded your hair full of bobby pins and pretty clips. The only difference with the 2019 iteration is that now we’re opting for complementary colours, metallic finishes and even branded designs.

3. Tubular, calf-high boots

Cowboy boots made it back onto our radar last year, but 2019 is veering away from the pointed toe and Western motifs for a rounded toe and a more straight-up-and-down, tubular silhouette.

4. Alphabet necklaces

Celine first reignited our love for the personalised pendant, and it’s easy to see why – this one accessory can instantly elevate any bog-standard look. Now, if you’re not able to fork out hundreds of dollars on this gilded  beaut, why not jump over to Etsy where there are a load of more affordable options.

5. Loose, boyish blazers

Blazers with relaxed tailoring are simultaneously slouchy, comfy and smart – there’s literally no reason why this trend won’t see us through for another year, and I for one am very okay with it.

6. Animal print still going strong:

If you invested in a few leopard, tiger and snakeskin pieces last year, you’ll be glad to know this look has managed to forge its way into another season – woohoo! One way to inject some life into your printed slip dress or quirky boots is pairing them with a pop of colour or textured number.