Smart shopper: Monkey does online shopping after zookeeper forgets phone in office

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  • November 13, 2019
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Changzhou, China: A monkey was caught on camera as it browsed through a phone of a zookeeper in China to do some online shopping after she left the phone in her office. The keeper claimed that she had seen the primate purchasing items on the internet many times.

When the animal found the phone lying around on November 6, it picked it up and started to poke at the screen. The incident was reported from Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou in Jiangsu province of China.

The zookeeper, named Lv Mengmeng, was checking daily necessities on a Chinese e-commerce site on her phone when she realised that the primate was hungry. She went to get some food for the animal and left her phone in the office.

When Mengmeng returned to the office, she received some order confirmations for items she had not purchased. All the items she had saved in her cart were also gone.

She hurried to watch the security camera footage of her office to discover that it was the monkey’s mischief. The video shows the monkey holding the phone and clicking on the screen.

The keeper, who has brought up the monkey, said that she had been marking items ahead of an annual sale on the e-commerce site. However, since the monkey ordered everything in one go, she could not enjoy the discounts. She plans to keep the goods ordered by the animal as they were daily necessities.

Mengmeng claimed that the monkey learned to shop online by observing her. “I like playing on my phone and I like playing on my phone next to it. It has seen me placing orders on Taobao (Chinese e-commerce site),” she said.