Kid’s Perfumes: Alcohol-free fragrances for your little ones

Image result for Kid's Perfumes: Alcohol-free fragrances for your little ones Times of IndiaThe beauty industry is a vast and ever growing industry with advancements taking place almost every now and then. This can be backed up by saying that until a couple of years back people were not much aware of the existence of perfumes for kids. Or it can be put the other way round that most new parents hesitated the use of perfumes on their baby’s skin due to the fact that it contains chemicals or alcohol. However, with the advancements pacing up, now, we have a separate section of kid’s perfumes and fragrances altogether in any fashion store that are alcohol-free.

If you are too planning to buy some fragrances for your little ones but are confused about which one to buy, this rundown would be of great help.

  • Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age:

Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age

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A sensitive eau de Cologne without liquor that leaves the skin crisp and delicately perfumed. The perfume is delicate on your baby’s skin so as to avoid any sort of skin irritation. The fragrance includes ingredients like Rice, Almonds, Chamomile, and Calendula. The perfume is skin friendly and remains on your skin for longer time.

  • Hot Wheels Performance Deodorant:

Hot Wheels Performance Deodorant

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Need something that can keep your child crisp and fragrant for a more drawn out time? Then, this Hot Wheels Deodorant is the correct pick for your little one. This liquor free antiperspirant renews your senses with its aroma. Reasonable for ordinary use, this antiperspirant is without a doubt not to be passed up a great opportunity.

  • Barbie Deodorant Pretty N Pink:

Barbie Deodorant Pretty N Pink

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Barbie Deodorant Pretty N Pink is an Alcohol-free blend of Rose and flower scents with a pinch of sweetness. This antiperspirant will give your young one a chance to feel new throughout the day long.

  • Chicco Sweet Perfumed Water:


Chicco Sweet Perfumed Water

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The Chicco perfumed water with its new and fragile aroma will upgrade the regular fragrance of your child regarding its sensitive skin. This perfume is also alcohol-free and works wonder on your young one’s skin. Pour a little amount on the hand and apply tenderly to the infant’s skin.

  • Frozen Disney:


Frozen Disney

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The Frozen Disney Eau de Toilette Spray for girls transports you to the mysterious ice kingdom of Anna and Elsa. The aroma opens with sweet and citrusy aromas of Grapefruit, Orange and Apple at the best, joined with the slight zesty woody scent of Coriander. The heart is an amicable blend of Chocolate, Black Currant, Raspberry and Geranium, while warm and glimmering notes of Peach, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber shape a wrapping base. This Disney scent encapsulates the quintessence of the advanced young girl who is ardent, free, and energetic.