What Do The Kylie Jenner x KKW Fragrance Lip Perfumes Smell Like? Here’s Everything To “Note”

August 21, 2019

It’s time to pucker up and spritz. The Kylie Jenner x Kim Kardashian West fragrance collaboration drops on Aug. 23 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT. The sisters have shared just all of the details about what the Kylie Jenner x Kim Kardashian Lip perfumes smell like. The collection features three colorful and lip-shaped bottles in red, pink, and nude. […]

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All you need to know before buying a perfume

August 3, 2019

Image Credit: Finding a perfume or cologne isn’t a simple task. Apart from the knowledge about various assortments of scents and their aroma notes, one additionally must act naturally mindful of their inclination altogether as signature fragrances would you be able to give a character that would leave an enduring impression. Here is the […]

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Choose a perfume as per your zodiac sign for D-Day

July 19, 2019

    Tales of Cleopatra dancing in the aroma of sensual jasmine and orange blossoms, recitals of how a man was captivated by the scent of a mysterious woman or myths of a particular fragrance used by the sirens to seduce the sailors – perfumes are the best storytellers! Fast forward to reality, fragrances have […]

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Kannauj MSMEs into Perfume manufacturing criticizes UP Govt over poor implementation of ODOP scheme

June 21, 2019

Kannauj, June 19 (KNN) Hit by rising costs of raw materials and Good & Services Tax (GST), the industry is seeing a downturn, says Om Prakash Pathak, President of Kannauj’s Attar and Perfumers’ Association. Manufacturers of Kannauj’s attar industries in the past few years have suffered from losses in their business due to an increase in […]

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Mum claims Primark’s £8 Aladdin perfume smells exactly like Thierry Mugler’s Alien £72.50 version

May 27, 2019

SHOPPERS are going wild for an £8 perfume from Primark which they claim smells identical to a designer scent costing nine times the price. The discount scent is part of the new Aladdin range at the high street store, and many agree that it is the dupe of Thierry Mugler’s iconic Alien scent, which comes […]

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The ancient perfumes of Cyprus

May 15, 2019

Yiannoula Lazarou tends to a fire boiling perfume inside a second millennium BC distiller discovered in Cyprus at the ancient perfume theme park and museum in Korakou, Cyprus. (Photo: AP) Korakou: Before Cyprus gained fame as the mythical birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite nearly three millennia ago, Cyprus was known around the Mediterranean for […]

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TMC workers spray perfume on EVM button, smell voters’ fingers to verify whether they voted for the party

April 30, 2019

Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress seems to have developed an innovative method to ensure the EVMs are not ‘rigged’. According to a report Anandabazar Patrika TMC workers in Majhigram village of Mangalkote area in Birbhum Lok Sabha constituency had allegedly sprayed perfume on the voting button corresponding to the TMC candidate and the workers were then sniffing […]

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