The Pink Tax on perfume: How women are being charged up to £16 MORE for brands including Gucci, Burberry and Prada than men

February 19, 2019

Women are paying up to £16 more for fragrance than men, a new study has found, in what’s been dubbed the ‘pink tax on perfume’. Shopping price comparison site calculated the average cost of branded fragrances for men and women by comparing the price of 100 popular scents from brands including Gucci and Burberry. […]

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Perfume is about trying to catch a memory, says Henry Jacques CEO

February 17, 2019

It takes a good few years for an Henry Jacques perfume to make the journey from conception to crystal bottle. For the first scents in the perfumer’s Les Toupie, or Spinning Tops, line of fragrances, the curved-crystal flacons alone took three years to develop. Named Mr H and Mrs Y, the two fragrances are personified as a […]

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D.S. & Durga’s New Manhattan Perfume Boutique Has a Scent—and a Song—for Every Lover

February 13, 2019

n a recent frigid morning in Manhattan, David and Kavi Moltz, the tattooed thirtysomethings behind the fragrance house D.S. & Durga, are warming up over eggs at Cafe Gitane. The place has long been a refuge for well-heeled people escaping the nearby Soho scrum. “I used to work here, at Gitane, so this whole neighborhood I’ve always loved,” says David, […]

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Ariana Grande’s new Cloud perfume could just be the best celebrity fragrance ever

February 12, 2019

We have to admit, we’re yet to truly fall in love with a celebrity fragrance. Ok, there have been a few that have taken our fancy, albeit briefly. Who could forget Britney Spears Fantasy, which we’re pretty sure we wore on more than one occasion and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t rock […]

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Ariana Grande’s Cloud Perfume Is the Perfect Prelude to Her New Album

February 9, 2019

What a year Ariana Grande has had, and it’s only February. Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no Wi-Fi, you know that Ari’s been working hard since, well, it’s kind of hard to remember the last time she took a break from work, and the limelight that comes with it. With the press whirlwind surrounding […]

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6 celebrities you never knew had their own perfume range

February 6, 2019

Do you ever wish you could smell like your favourite celebrity? The biggest names in showbusiness have had a go at launching their own line of perfume, from Elizabeth Taylor to Beyoncé. While some stand the test of time and sell by the bucketload, there are some that make you stop and think ‘who came […]

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Luxury Perfume Store and More Coming Soon to Tysons Corner Center

February 5, 2019

There are a few stores opening, or shuffling around, at Tysons Corner Center mall over the next few months. Arabian Oud, an oil and incense store, is scheduled to open sometime in early 2019 and signs on the store exterior say it is currently hiring staff. The store’s oils and perfumes are higher end, with many priced over $100. The Royal […]

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