These 8 Shoe Brands Are Blowing Up on Instagram

September 14, 2019

We use the ‘gram for a number of reasons: We scroll through our feeds when we commute to work, in our free time, to take a quick mental break, and when we’re in need of a hefty dose of inspiration, whether that be in the world of fashion or in the realm of food. You can always […]

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The best women’s water shoe

September 13, 2019

Some lace-up water shoes have only decorative laces that don’t actually help tighten the shoe. Always be sure to read the product description thoroughly to see if this is the case for the shoes you’re interested in. Whether you’re out for a swim at the cottage, hiking through a marsh, or kayaking through rapids, the […]

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The best Burberry perfume

September 11, 2019

To prolong your Burberry perfume’s wear time, apply perfume to your pulse points: the inner elbows, wrists, and sides of your neck. Burberry, the iconic luxury brand best known for its iconic tartan, is also recognized as a trendsetter and industry leader in high-end perfume. Offering unique blends, from fresh florals to earthy, natural aromas, […]

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Indian men prone to develop lifestyle diseases in their 30s, women in their 50s

September 9, 2019

New Delhi: While men in India are prone to develop lifestyle diseases in their 30s, women tend to develop them a couple of decades later – in their 50s, says a study. Indian men between the ages of 30-44 years have a high incidence of high LDL –low density lipoprotein, or the so called “bad cholesterol” […]

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Stand little more to combat effects of sedentary lifestyle

September 8, 2019

Spend more time standing to increase energy expenditure and combat the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle, a new study suggests. The research published in the journal PLOS ONE has also found that we burn 45 kilocalories more, per six-hour period while standing compared to lying or sitting. “If we take steps to combat […]

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This Rising Cool Girl Shoe Brand Is One to Watch

September 6, 2019

When you hear the words “family-run business,” flame-adorned stilettos and leather moto cowboy boots aren’t typically the first things that come to mind. Proving HAVVA, a family-run shoe brand based in London, is anything but typical. Helmed by sister-and-brother design duo Havva and Ali Mustafa, HAVVA is quickly becoming the go-to shoe brand for cool girls […]

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Nike’s Latest Shoes Will Let You Unlace Them Using Only Your Apple Watch

September 3, 2019

Nike has announced its new Haurache shoes that will allow a user to unlace them with only Siri or an Apple Watch NIKE While Nike received a lot of attention last year and earlier this year for their self-tying shoes, the company is just getting started making their shoes smarter and more hands free. Nike announced that […]

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