It’s all about body, mind and soul & a healthy lifestyle

August 18, 2019

In today’s fast paced world, we see that the tradition of washing hands and feet at home after coming in from outside has disappeared. What does Ayurveda say about this tradition?—Guruprasad, Talegaon There are three reasons why it is important to wash our hands and feet when we come back home from outside. First is […]

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Tackle PMS with lifestyle changes

August 16, 2019

The exact reason for PMS is not known. One of the theories is that after ovulation (10 days before the onset of the next period) there are physiological changes in hormone levels (estrogen and progesterone).(Shutterstock) AddThis Sharing Buttons Around 90 per cent women of reproductive age can predict the onset of their periods, even if […]

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Jewellery used to decorate goddess Lakshmi idol stolen

August 13, 2019

A family that celebrated Varamahalakshmi festival with much fervour by decorating an idol of the goddess with gold jewellery worth Rs 3.5 lakh, was shocked to find the valuables missing the next morning. The incident happened at a house in Muthyalanagar near Jalahalli on Friday night. The CCTV camera at the house had captured two […]

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Online jewellery startup JewelMaze raises $4M from Brand Capital

August 9, 2019

Online fast fashion jewellery marketplace JewelMaze has raised $4 million from Brand Capital, the strategic investment arm of Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. According to the company, it will use the fund infusion for rapid expansion and widen its product base. Founded in 2016, JewelMaze is a fashion jewellery brand which runs a vertical marketplace. […]

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This “Anti-Fashion” Brand Embraces Sustainability in an Over Saturated Market

August 7, 2019

As the fashion world is constantly evolving, the trends today differ drastically from those just a few years ago. To keep up with the latest styles and ever changing trends, many brands have adopted fast fashion practices. The term “fast fashion” defined means “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest […]

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Dimitre D Hadjiev to become one of the top jewellery importer in India

August 6, 2019

An American Jewish Dimitre d Hadjiev from Poland has made the watchmaking and jewellery manufacturing business reach new heights by gaining tremendous excellence in his field. Having to take over manufacture jewellery since 1980 the family business was established in 1998 by his parents. With their commendable marketing strategies the retail business spread all over […]

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U.S. retailers blast new China tariffs, say move will raise prices further, hurt jobs

August 5, 2019

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s threat to impose 10% tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports from Sept. 1 will hurt consumer purchases, raise prices further and limit hiring, four large retail trade groups warned on Thursday. Trump on Thursday moved to impose fresh tariffs after U.S. and Chinese negotiators failed to kick-start […]

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